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My little flourish grows all too quickly

Coca Cola’s ‘Happiness from the skies’ could have been so much more

Just over a week ago, the Internet was abuzz with a publicity stunt that Coca Cola pulled in Singapore. If you haven’t already seen it, it involves remote-controlled drones delivering … Continue reading

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What exactly do you do again?

Out of curiosity, I recently took the Talentoday profile quiz that’s been popping up on my Facebook newsfeed. After 150 multiple choice questions, I learned pretty much what I already … Continue reading

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Observations on SAVOUR 2014

Fresh from attending this year’s festival, I wanted to pen down some of my thoughts – both good and bad – of how SAVOUR 2014 went. I guess I should … Continue reading

March 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore – An easy choice if you have kids

If you’re one of the 11 people who religiously follow this blog, you’ll know by now that the Tan family is big on taking mini local hotel getaways (aka staycations). … Continue reading

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De-void of meaning?

It was a typically balmy Singaporean night and the acrid smell of sparklers carried on the faint breeze. I had returned from a lovely outdoor wedding to a void deck … Continue reading

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A few of my favourite things to do on a weekend — Part 1

People often say that there isn’t much to do in Singapore apart from our twin national pastimes of queuing to try new restaurants or visiting new shopping malls. While we’re … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Savour 2013

It is not hard to imagine why Savour has succeeded in food-crazy Singapore. After all, food is consistently the top of the list of things that Singaporeans living overseas miss … Continue reading

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